Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wiggins to Pascagoula, Ms

Remember how I said I was so tired yesterday? Well I have some sort of bug. I work up this morning with a very unhappy tummy. I won't go into the details. I decided to sag. I have spent the whole afternoon in my room watching the Star Wars series on TV. I got to my room at the end of episode Number 2 and am now on Number 4. I must be sick!

Tomorrow is on 36 miles until a 3.5 mile long high bridge. There is rain in the forecast so I will see how I feel in the morning. New state tomorrow.

3 comments: said...

Hi Patty - sorry you had an upset tummy today, hopefully rest and a good night's sleep will have you back in the saddle asap.(Maybe you need to stay away from those 'bait' vending machines :-)It was great to spend some time with you in St. Francisville, you're looking good.
Florida is just around the corner, have fun. Georgia

Doc Peachey said...

Star Wars! Oley would be so proud of you! Hang in there -- hope you feel better.

Bridget said...

That's a sick day? jeez, that would have been a vacation day for N&L. Glad you made it to Dolphin Island today!