Saturday, April 11, 2009

Silsbee, Tx to Lake Charles, La

Last night I had a horrible night's sleep. I have trouble falling asleep and then people kept talking outside my room (not Woman Tours people). First there we people talking at 10:30 and then another group at 1:30. I felt like a zombie when I was getting ready to ride.

I rode with Nancy again today. It was a good thing took because I just was not motivated. To pass the miles we played games. Use the ABC's and name body parts, colors, countries, etc for each letter. We also had to name the US states and their capital. We tried doing it in alphabetical order. We forgot a few including, ARIZONA. Told you I was a zombie today.

I rode 69 miles today for a total of 1,654 for the trip. We still continue to have winds. I think I was hoping they would magically disappear once we left Texas and crossed into Louisiana but no such luck. Tomorrow is another long day, 83 miles. Right now the weather channel is promising us isolated thunder storms (a few severe) with winds 15-20 mph. Hopefully we can get most of the ride in before they hit. I do not ride in the rain. After all I live in Southern Arizona so how much do I really have to ride in rain? If it looks bad when we are scheduled to start I may sag from the beginning.

Saying good bye to Texas. This was on the opposite side of the road when we left Texas. Since there was nothing when we entered Texas I had to take it.

We are in Louisiana.

Cows and Egrets


Anonymous said...

Yeah to being out of Texas! Winds are strange and plentiful all over the place lately, but hope they diminish for you. 69 miles for an unmotivated ride is pretty impressive.


Doc Peachey said...

YAY FOR LEAVING TEXAS! Thank goodness! We also have had a LOT of wind here in Tucson. Susan, Greg, Oley and I went out for a ride today, then we had Greg over for Easter dinner. It was a nice day. Hope you had a nice Easter.

Bridget said...

I hope you are having a better weather day today. Woo-hoo for the flat state of LA!! I am very proud of you. Hang strong :)

p.s. met a guy on the ride training for L'Etape. I sure would LOVE to do that with you next summer.

Fe-lady said...

Congrats on getting out of Texas! (Seems like you and the gals were there forever, and that's just from reading your blogs!)

Amazing amount of miles! Hope you get a better night's sleep tonite!