Monday, April 27, 2009

Quincy to Wakulla Springs, Fl

Today was another short ride, 40 miles. It was mostly flat with just a few ups. I can't really even call them hills. My legs are tired though and I just can't seem to climb the way I did at the beginning of the trip. The good news is I can ride forever on flats.

There was no big rush to get the the Lodge at Wakulla Springs because we were told we could not get in our rooms until 2:30 or 3:00. Once Nancy and I arrived at the lodge we joined Lois for lunch in the dining room and then went on a boat cruise of the springs. Most of the pictures below are from there.

That evening there was a "Talent Show" put on by some of the women. I will blog more about it in a separate post.

The other kind of bikers. Nancy tried to trade bikes but no takers!

Along the way.

Welcome to Wakula Springs.

All the pictues below are from the boat cruise.

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Angela said...

I like the picture of all those turtles on the log, that is very neat.