Tuesday, April 07, 2009

La Grange to Navasota, TX

Today was beautiful. It was cold when we started riding and I had on all my cold weather gear. At the first sag stop I took off my heavy coat and put on my wind breaker. I still had lots of layers on below. Around mile 36 I shed all my cold weather gear and had just shorts and jersey on. It felt wonderful.

Today's ride was 69.46 miles giving me a total of 1,450 for the trip. I cannot say strongly enough how much I loved today's ride. The air was cool but clear. There was very little wind and the scenery was just spectacular. The fields full of wildflowers seemed to go on forever. I tried to take pictures but again it was to vast to truly capture the beauty of the countryside.

Smallest active Catholic Church.

Me among the flowers

some of the beautiful flowers

For Alyssa

Paintbrush flower

An Oreo cow!

There were several old building grouped together on the site of the first Baylor University campus.

For Anne C....I met Dave Gundy on the road today. Lois S and I sat with him in a restaurant near our hotel before he went to his camp ground. Dave is a fellow Southern Tier rider.

Pillars at site of original Baylor University


Anne said...

Hi Patty, Thanks so much for letting me know that you saw Dave! I have been telling him where you were and watching when I thought you would overlap!! He emailed me tonight and said that he was riding on tomorrow so you may cross him once more! Thanks for letting me know! Sounds like you had a great day and that the flowers are finally really nice!


Genie said...

Glad to see that you had a good day riding finally! I'm wanting to make the trip from LaGrange to Navasota! The wild flowers sound gorgeous! You must be near Louisiana by now. Have fun, g

Bridget said...

Whew, just finished explaining to the kids how oreo cookies come from those cows. So glad you had the picture to prove it. lol Great day of riding!