Thursday, April 09, 2009

Navasota to Cleveland, TX

Today's ride began with the threat of rain but fortunately there were only the occasional drops along the way. I had started out the ride with my windbreaker on but soon shed it. The temperatures today were perfect. Today's ride was 72 miles and that gives me a total of 1,522 for the trip.

We are definitely in East Texas now. A large part of the ride was through the San Houston National Forest. Yes, I said forest. There were trees! Then we crossed Lake Conroe a 21,000 acre lake. So needless to say I loved the ride today. For the most part we on small farm roads that had very little traffic. It was great. There were even roads with no chip seal.

We are having pizza and salad for dinner tonight. Linda is ordering the pizza.

Lake Conroe--According to Wikipedia, Lake Conroe is among the wealthiest areas in Texas. That probably explains the good roads.

Lake Conroe

Horse and friend

more of the two friends


Bridget said...

Looks like beautiful scenery again!! Final 3 weeks for you, enjoy!

Judi said...

hey cousin!

who would have thought a million years ago, when we got our first bikes for Christmas, that you would end up doing this? your pictures are wonderful, your journey is fun to read about, and i am so happy for you...can't wait to hear the rest of your adventure!

love always, judi