Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dauphin Island, Al to Pensacola, Fl

Today we began our ride with a 2.5 mile ride to the Ferry Landing at on Dauphin Island. We were told that we all needed to be on the 8:00 Ferry. Would you believe that we all made it with plenty of time to spare? It was a very pleasant ride to the Mobile side of Mobile Bay at Fort Morgan.

Then began a dream of a ride to Pensacola. It turns our that tailwinds are not and urban legend. We actually had one AND the road to Gulf Shores was newly paved. What more can a bicyclist ask for?

Nancy and I rode together again today. The cue sheets mentioned two bridges but it turns out there were three. Janet, our Sag driver for the day called to give me an update on the first bridge and said she thought I could make it. Nancy decided the best way to get me over a bridge was to distract me. We began by singing Mary had a Little Lamb, went into Row, Row, Row Your Boat and settled on 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall. I made it over the first bridge. When we got to the second bridge Janet was waiting to say she thought I would want to sag over it. Nancy said, "No she is going to do it." I didn't have a chance to say no. Nancy started off singing 99 Bottles again where we left off. This bridge went much higher and was longer than the previous one. It is pretty hard singing and climbing but it made me forget where I was and I made it. It was very exciting for me.

When we got to the lunch stop where most of the women were eating word that I had made it over the bridge reached the women there. When I walked in they all gave me a standing ovation. I almost cried. It sure made me feel good. After we checked in to our hotel Nancy took me across the street to Dairy Queen and treated me to a Blizzard.

Tonight is Margarita night because we have crossed the state line into our final state, Florida. We have eight days of riding left.

The Mobile Bay Ferry.

Bikers and bikers on the ferry.

Fort Gaines on Dauphin Island from the ferry.

Oil rig in Mobile Bay.

Bo Peep on the ferry.

Great Florida license plate. "Share the Road"


Battery Dearborn was constructed in 1901, and mounted eight 12-inch mortars. Part of Fort Morgan on east side of Mobile Bay.

for Susan

Bridge 1

Welcome to Florida.

Bridge 2.


Anne C. said...

Way to go, Patty!!!! I knew you would ride over a big bridge before this ride was over! I wish I could be there to give you a big HUG!

Bridget said...

Welcome to Florida!! We are so proud of you for making it this far and of course for riding over those bridges today. You deserved the ovation, and blizzard!! Much love!

Angela said...

Great job riding over the bridges! That is huge! I am so proud of you.

Anonymous said...

Good job on the bridges!! Keep it up.


Doc Peachey said...

Busted! Now that I know your secret, there will be no more sagging of bridges when you get home! I know how to sing "99 Bottles of Beer", too (although not on key -- one more reason to haul a@* over a bridge)!