Friday, April 03, 2009

Camp Wood to Vanderpool, TX

We knew that today might be tough when the cue sheet had us ridding only 30 miles. The only other day even that close was 34 miles the first ride of the trip. That meant climbing. There were 3 tough climbs with grades between 8-12%. Each climb was about a mile long and probably averaged 8 but they did get steep at a few points. I was actually very happy about how well I did the climbs. Jill, all those climbs up Mt. Lemmon really paid off.

We stayed at the Foxfire cabins. Because of the limited number of rooms available Connie and I shared a cabin with a separate room for each of us. Dinner was in the main house.

I went down to the main house with my knitting after I had showered. Nancy was one of the four people who had a room in the main house. She was there working on her spinning. Nancy brought a drop spindle on the trip and some roving and had actually spun some yarn. The next step in the process was to ply it. I watched her patiently ply the already spun yarn. After a while I went back to my cabin to get organized for the next day. When I went down for dinner, Nancy presented me with the skein of yarn she had spun. It is absolutely beautiful as you can see below.

My cabin, number 2.

Nancy's wonderful gift to me.

Some quilt fabric I bought at Suzie Q Quilts in Camp Wood Texas. Check out

Ball Band dishrag I am knitting along the way.

Socks I am working on as well.


Anonymous said...

patty, there is a nice quilt and wool shop up in frederisburg as well as a wild flower farm to occupy the eyes. beieve it or not it's down hill from here except for the heat and humdidity. reba

Bridget said...

The yarn looks beautiful. I am sure you will make something wonderful with it. Do you have something in mind?