Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lake Charles to Lafayette, LA

The day began with the promise of high headwinds and strong thunderstorms. I dutifully got my biking gear on but my heart was not into a 83 mile ride. As I was carrying my bags to the trailer I saw Nancy in civilian clothes. I was so happy to see that she was not going to ride so I switched clothes and decided to sag. Boy was I happy I did.

As we drove down the road we picked up riders as we got to them. The winds were super strong and people had had enough. The leaders took about eight of us back to the hotel and dropped off the trailer and then went back to help pick up others. As it turned out only three riders completed the ride today, Lois S, Marcie and Sherry.

There was one disaster as the wind blew one of the bikes off the van. Fortunately the damage was such that a bike shop in Baton Rouge was able to repair it the next day and the rider was back on the road today.

The weather was so bad that Linda (our cook) arranged to take us all to a local Chinese Restaurant. It was the only place she could find that could take so many on Easter Sunday.

Lois S as she continued her ride.

Connie and Laurie pausing to put on rain gear.

Rice fields from the van.

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"Civilian" clothes - like the analogy.