Friday, April 24, 2009

Marianna to Quincy, Fl

The morning began rather slowly as everyone sat around the lobby of the hotel waiting for the morning fog to lift. The mist was really heavy and the leaders were concerned for our safety so we waited. We had a couple of miles to wind ourselves to some back roads. Within the first two miles we were completely in sunshine so I think our hotel was just in a low pocket for the fog.

Nancy and I were joined by Lois S. for our ride today. I think Lois figured that with just 55 miles there was no reason to rush. We rode over the Chattahoochee River and into the Eastern Time Zone. Can't believe we only have five riding days left.

After we crossed the Chattahoochee River there was a climb up from the river. We have been on the flats so long my legs have forgotten how to climb. It was tough. We had a few more climbs and Nancy said that we were in the Florida Alps.

When we arrived at the town of Quincy we took the extra trip to the old town square to find a restaurant. Nancy, Lois and I decided on Miss Helen's Espresso Cafe d'Arte. It is a new restaurant (opened in January) run by a delightful couple and their son. The food was great and the atmosphere was even better. There was art work by local artists on there wall. There is definitely some talent around here.

Next door to the cafe was an Art Coop with more local art. Loved it. Wish there had been more sights like today on the trip. After lunch rode about 3 miles to the hotel. Once at the hotel did the usual (put my name on the laundry list for the washing machine.) With the heat and humidity we are facing in this area you do not want to carry around dirty cycling clothes for very long.

tree with Spanish moss

more moss

The Alps of North Florida

Along the route.

Information about Gretna school house.

Gretna school house.

You can always tell where the women of Woman Tours stop for lunch.

Courthouse in Quincy.