Friday, April 17, 2009

Bogalusa, La to Wiggins, Ms

Last night's map meeting had lots of discussion of dogs and lumber trucks. There were two possible options for today's route. You could do the shorter one on a busy two lane highway with no shoulder and lots of lumber trucks. The other options was ten miles longer on little traveled roads with the possibility of dogs. Last year two different women were attacked by dogs. Everyone decided to take their chances with the dogs. The good news it there were not problems with dogs. Yes, there were dogs but no big ones and they all seemed to respond to loud "STAY" from the riders.

I road with Nancy and along the way we picked up Mary Jo, Donna and Carol M. We all felt that safety in numbers was the key for today. We discovered that we are no longer in the Mississippi Delta area. There we even more hills than yesterday. The legs were not happy. They had a problem remembering how to climb.

When we got in Nancy and I went to the Pizza Hut next door for a quick bite to eat. The housekeepers were still getting my room ready so I could not shower until I got back. After I showered I put my name on the list in the laundry room to do laundry. The first person who gets in to the hotel each day starts a list in the laundry room. Our daily biking really generates a lot of dirty clothes and when you travel as light as we do you must do laundry frequently.

A vending machine we passed along the way for LIVE BAIT!

We are now in Mississippi.

The Bridge we crossed from Louisiana to Mississippi.

Court House Pearl River County, Mississippi

Ice Cream at 10:30 in the morning in Poplarville, Ms.

Poplarville has an annual Blueberry Jubilee in June. These are posters from previous years.

More llamas along the way

Baby llama called a cria.

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