Monday, April 06, 2009

Bastrop to La Grange, Tx

What a difference a day makes. We did have wind today but not as strong as we have had recently for for a lot of the trip it was a tailwind. All I can say is, "it is about time." I really enjoyed today's ride.

The ride began with a 13 mile ride through Bastrop State Park. There were some serious hills but they were short. I only had trouble with one hill. I was half way up and my Garmin was at 18%. I knew I was not going to make it to the top. I also knew I could not get out of my pedals in time so I headed for the edge of the road. There was a nice soft patch on the side of the road. I made it and fell right on the pine needles. I must have been a very funny sight. Being a true bicycle lover my main concern was my bike. Somehow I managed to fall and hang onto my bike. I rolled and ended up like a dead bug holding my bike over my head. All I ended up with was a tiny scratch on my knee. I wish I had had someone around to take a picture of me. I must have really looked funny.

Here is an article about one of our riders:

cute sign along the way. The Junk Queen is made of bales of hay

Wildflower for Zoey

I love this sign on the way into La Grange

Mary Jo at Weikel's Bakery. Home to authentic Czech Kolaches and Pastries. A word to the wise, never go to a bakery hungry, especially after a 40 mile bike ride.


Fe-lady said...

Did you eat alligator? :-)
I mean a hungry bike rider...won't they eat just about anything?
(I would go for the pastries too!)

Glad you are OK after your fall in the pine needles!

Bridget said...

I sure hope those two shops never combine ideas and sell alligator pastries! I am very proud of you for perservering, and for saving your bike :)

rogersga2002 said...

Hey Patty - I just finished the Louisiana Bayou bike trip & didn't see any pine needles, be careful out there :-) See you up 'north'.