Thursday, April 09, 2009

Rest Day in Navasota, TX

Rest day in Navasota was just that a rest day for me. Several of the women had massages and some had manicures and pedicures. I chose just to relax. I did my laundry, walked to Wal-Mart with Lois S and then we went to McDonald's for a latte. (boy will I be happy to see a Starbucks again). At McDonald's I bought a salad for my lunch but later just I was starting to eat Nancy came by and we walked to Pizza Hut for lunch. I saved the salad for my dinner. I did the usual bike cleaning and then just relaxed quietly in my room.

Only in Texas can you find chips shaped like the state.

when the guides restocked the cooler with drinks they said they could not resist this Tire Bite Golden Ale. Hope this is the only bite we have on this trip.

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