Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lafayette to St. Francisville, La

Today I road 80 miles. I sagged for 6 miles. There was a high bridge over the Atchafalaya River and there was a 3.5 mile bridge with no shoulder over the Morganza Spillway. They were right by each other so it was easier just to sag the whole way.

We rode on a section of the Mississippi River Trail. It brought back memories of my first cross country trip up the Mississippi.

Stopped at a little restaurant called Not Your Mama's and had my first oyster po-boy of the trip. It was great.

As I pulled up the the ferry landing I was delighted to see Georgia there waiting to cheer us on. She had just completed the Woman Tours Bayou trip and had hung around to see some of us. It was great. She came to dinner and brought two boxes of pralines to share with everyone. What a doll.

For Logan

Louisiana Swamp

Swamp and wildflowers

Lois S. heading over the bridge I got bumped over.

Chicken at Not Your Mama's restaurant along the way.

Oyster po-boy at Not Your Mama's

Road sign.

My kind of bridge. Taking the ferry across the Mississippi River.

Barge on the Mississippi River.

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Bridget said...

I cannot believe you didn't eat at Logan's! He will be thrilled to see the sign tomorrow. You are looking great!