Friday, April 03, 2009

Vanderpool to Kerrville, Tx

Today's ride was 51 miles. I only did 10 miles. We had some of the worst cross winds of the trip and I did not feel save. Some people did as far as half way and sagged the rest. We had several riders blown over including one who ended up at the hospital emergency room with a concussion. Sure am glad I sagged.

Greg was supposed to fly into San Antonio in the afternoon and spend that evening and the next day (a rest day) with me. The winds were so bad in Texas that they closed several runways at DFW (where he was to change planes). His flight from Tucson was cancelled. I was devastated that he would not be able to join me. (more on this in another days post.)

Again by the half way point over half the women sagged. Just not fun or safe.
Rust in Peace

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Horse swing at diner in Medina, Tx



Cat at diner

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