Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring Winds in the Southwest

I have had three days in a row of riding. I started to say good but the winds yesterday made it a little tough. Saturday I rode with Greg and we went 24 miles with an average speed of 15.5 mph. Definitely feel I am getting stronger (of course, he really pushes me). Sharon and I rode Sunday but with much different results. We rode 57 miles but only averaged 13.4 mph. Today I went out and did 31 but with much the same results as yesterday at 13.6 mph. Sunday's ride was up hill the first half and then the return was with a 15+ mph head wind. There were also stronger gusts with the occasional crosswind. I think today my legs were just dead.

I have been working on knitting a pair of socks as well as doing some needlepoint. I will post pictures soon of my progress.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Time moves along

I did finish my Mississippi River Bike trip last spring. We finished in Lake Itasca State Park in Minnesota. We had two nights in the park, the day we arrived and then the next day. We spent our final day together visiting the park, packing and saying our final goodbyes. There was no Internet connection in the park so I did not blog. By the time I got home so much had passed and I just never got around to telling you I DID IT. I swore that that would be my last long trip on a bicycle but of course, it will not be! More about my future plans in another post.

In February of this year I did a Woman Tours Death Valley trip. It was wonderful. If you have never bicycled in Death Valley add it to your list. It is a bicyclist's dream location, miles and miles of virtually traffic free roads. You are in a valley so lots of flat but if you want to climb there are hills too!