Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hammond to Bogalusa, La

Today I rode 57 miles. I feel like I am just going through the motion of riding. The scenery is nice but no great photo ops. We have not had any cute towns to explore during the ride. It is just riding from point A to point B. In case you can't tell I am tired. I have not slept well the last few nights and that plus the mileage is getting to me. Tomorrow's ride is 51 miles or 60 miles depending on which option one chooses. I have to hear the difference at tonight's map meeting. I want the smoother, quieter road option.

When I got in Lois S, several other women and I went to the gas station across the street. Yes, that is right, the gas station. They had a little lunch counter that had several fried things, fish, shrimp, chicken, chicken liver and gizzards, among other things. They also had boiled crayfish. I actually thought the idea of the crayfish was good but I was to tired to peel them. I opted for red beans and rice.

At the Global Wildlife Center

Uneedus, La. Their version of the Super Dome


Doc Peachey said...

Yeah, you wouldn't get me doing the crayfish thing! So glad your "hills" are doable, I can't believe you only have 2 weeks left!

Bridget said...

I hope Friday's ride is a nicer one for you! Come on, how can you not be jazzed about eating in a gas station? I am fairly certain the last time you got a "meal" from a gas station was when Grandma and Papa were paying your CC bill in college. Keep up the good work!

Fe-lady said...

You have good reason to be tired. I think that the lack of sleep from sleeping in so many strange places would really be my downfall. are getting close now!
Keep it up!

And what's with the llamas in this part of the country? What do they do with them?
Llama burgers? :-)