Monday, April 27, 2009

Wakulla Springs to Perry, Fl

Today Nancy and I rode 51 miles. You know you are riding a flat boring route when the highlight of the day is when you have a flat! Having a flat for me is really tough because it is impossible to get my tire on and off my wheel. Thank goodness for Nancy and our Sag today, Ann.

When we got into Perry we stopped at a restaurant called Pouncey's. The sign outside advertised "Swamp Cabbage". Our waitress explained that Swamp cabbage is an old-time Florida cracker favorite vegetable obtained from the heart of the cabbage palm (S. palmetto), which is the official state tree of Florida. Following trimming, the swamp cabbage may be prepared in various ways. The most popular old cracker way is to cut into thin slices like cole slaw and cook with meat seasoning until done. After the swamp cabbage is cooked, the white color changes to a grayish brown. The unique flavor is best described as smoky and wild. I, of course, had to try some. Very much like the hearts of palm I am used to in texture but had a slight clove taste. I was ok, not great. I think you need to cultivate your taste for it.

I do love Hampton Inns. This one had cookies and strawberries dipped in chocolate for us at 5:00. They also had wine and beer.

The sign just before this spot said "Dip". If you look very closely you can see a slight change in the road surface.

Welcome to Perry.

A side order of swamp cabbage.

A grilled cheese and tomato sandwich.


Anonymous said...

You're close! I believe "Pouncey's" is the restaurant you're thinking of. I'm not a swamp cabbage fan myself, but I've had some good gator tail there before.

And despite us being in the middle of nowhere, our Hampton Inn is actually one of the highest-rated anywhere in terms of guest satisfaction. The snacks and free booze make everyone happy!

Bridget said...

Good for you for trying swamp cabbage. The sure is a bad name for food though! I cannot believe you are almost done. Good job sticking with it1

Fe-lady said...

Love your food pictures! Those onion rings and the tomato/cheese sandwich after a long day in the saddle must taste like HEAVEN!