Thursday, April 23, 2009

Crestview to Marianna, Fl

Today I rode 73 miles with Peggy. The ride was a scheduled 93 mile ride but I was concerned that I would not have time to do the side trip to Defuniack Springs. Peggy was concerned that about the heat at that distance. We both used the Sag to bump us up the first 20 miles. Turns out Defuniack was much closer to our route than I realized and I could have done the complete ride. Oh, well, Peggy and I had fun ridding together. The ride was mainly on US-90 until we reached Marianna. US-90 had a very nice shoulder and was very smooth. There was very little traffic because it parallels I-10. Traffic in Marianna was a little hairy but we made it.

A few miles before the hotel we stopped at a Burger King and had milk shakes. It was to hot to eat anything. Very refreshing.

Last night Nancy and I received the SOW award. The SOW Award was started by Marni at the beginning of the trip. You have to develop an acronym for a word related to pig, sow, etc. Marni gave the first and then the subsequent recipients give it to the next winner. Marcie and Lois B gave it to Nancy and me last night. It was for the teamwork Nancy and I developed to get me over the bridges.

S-Standing together
O-overcoming fears
W-Wonderful Women

Welcome to the birthplace of Gregory Vartan Gadarian

Information on the Chautauqua.

Chautauqua Hall

Lake Defuniak

Train depot, Defuniak Springs.

Hospital building where Greg was born.

Old car by Defuniak Hotel. (my bike next to it)

Hotel sign.

Lobby of Hotel Defuniak.

Sitting room Hotel Defuniak.

Greg went to Choctawhatchee High School in Ft. Walton, Fl. Go Big Green Indians.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the SOW award!

Bridget said...

Well today certainly looked like a scenic ride. Glad you finally made it to Dad's birthplace. Congrats to you and Nancy for the SOW award! You have almost made it!

Angela said...

Very cute pig!

Mike said...

Thats pretty neat!