Friday, March 13, 2009

Wickenberg, Az to Phoenix, AZ

We began riding a week ago today and have had one rest day. During that time I have ridden approximately 423 miles. The crazy things is I am in Phoenix only about 100 miles from home!

Today I rode with Robin and Liz. I enjoyed riding with them a lot. Robin is a second grade teacher taking a year off from teaching to do this ride. Liz is an artist. You have to check out her website:

I am afraid I did not take any pictures today because it look a lot like Tucson. Tomorrow is spent trying to get to the other side of Phoenix.

Dinner tonight was great as usual. We had a choice of chicken or tofu in peanut sauce, Chinese cabbage salad, fresh fruit and cake. Thanks Linda


georgia said...

Hi Patty - can't believe you've already covered so many miles and that you have time for this incredible blog! You're awesome. Love reading all about it and I'm only a 'little' jealous. See you next month after my beginner ride :-)

Bridget said...

OMG, did you see your friend's piece of the chicken knitting? You must check it out!