Thursday, March 12, 2009

Blythe. Ca to Salome, Az

Today was our first state crossing and much to my "pleasure" it involved a bridge crossing. With the help of a couple of the other women I was able to walk over the I-10 Colorado River bridge into Arizona. Halfway across I stopped long enough to snap this picture of the state line.

This picture is looking at the Colorado River from the Arizona side toward California.

Slightly further along I took this picture of the Welcome to Arizona sign.

After riding 18 miles on I-10 we exited at the town of Quartzite. I have stopped at Quartzite many times for gas on my way to LA but have never discovered Sweet Darlene's. It is a great place for pies, and other baked goods as well as lunch. (Sweet Darlene's is at the far east in of Quartzite so if you are coming from Phoenix or Tucson exit the first exit)

As you can tell by the smiling face we women of Woman Tours do not miss an opportunity for pier or baked goods.

I hope this sign shows up better on a larger computer screen than my laptop. It gave us all a good laugh. Are we passed through the town of Hope, Arizona this was on the edge of town. It says "YOUR NOW BEYOND HOPE." Note the spelling of you are.

Our final stop of the day was the Sheffler's Motel in Salome, Arizona. The pink lights give the place a much nicer look that it actually was. The lady who owned the place was a hoot and very nice. One of the ladies left her wallet in her room and the owner followed us down the road in her car to give it to her.

Note this was written in Wickenberg as we had no internet in Salome.

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