Monday, March 16, 2009

Globe to Safford, AZ

Today I did 77.26 miles for a total so far for the trip of 594. A lot of riding was done on the San Carlos Apache Reservation. There was much less traffic than yesterday and for the most part the the roads were good. In the beginning I rode with several ladies including Jan and Marni from the Mississippi River trip. Our first SAG stop was in a Basha's parking lot on the reservation. There were a couple of very sad dogs begging for food. Made me think of Madison and her luxury life.

As I was riding past two Native American on the reservation the lady blessed me and wished me a safe trip to St. Augustine. It was a nice feeling. Later I passed a guy who welcomed me to the reservation.

This will give you and idea of what the desert looked like on the reservation.

Between miles 55 and 60 I stopped at this convenience store in Fort Thomas and bought myself a Red Bull. Edith I though of you.

Along the way I passed this bar in the middle of no where with the sign that read Bikers Welcome. I don't think I was the target audience.

Around these parts US 60 is called the Old West Highway. I though these two signs together were great.

That is Mt Graham in the back ground with the snow. The University of Arizona has a telescope up there.

Finally everyone had to stop at the famous Taylor Freeze in Pima, Arizona. There have wonderful green chili burros. I split one with Elizabeth.

Tomorrow is a 75 mile day so I am off to and early bedtime.


Bridget said...

I think they did mean you in the bar!!

Pacer Sharon said...

Hi -- I'm finally catching up on your trip, and very much enjoying reading your journal. I've always wanted to cycle cross-country, so it's pretty inspiring to see what you're doing.

Sharon McNary
(friend of Bridget's from the Leggers. and knitting fan)