Sunday, March 15, 2009

Apache Junction to Globe, AZ

Today has been labeled one of the most challenging of the Southern Tier. The challenge comes from various aspects. Historically the weather has not cooperated with Woman Tours. There have been years where snow stopped them on the road. There are lots of climbs. For my part the most challenging was the road conditions. I had not problem with the climbs. I think all those times Jill had me climb Mt. Lemmon really paid off. The weather was perfect as the pictures will show, we had sun. The temperature was perfect for riding.

We rode US 60 from Apache Junction to Globe. The road was new to Florence Junction but after that we faced narrow shoulders with rumble strips so you often had to ride on the road. This was fine as long a we were climbing because the road had two lanes going up. I made it to the top of the climb outside Miami, AZ. Here we encountered major road construction which took away the shoulder and there were only two lanes. There was a ton of traffic. When word reached me that there was a second bridge ahead (I already had to be SAGed over one) I called it quits. I got to a safe place I could pull off and the SAG could stop and pick me up. I want cycling to be fun and when I am to scared to enjoy it is time for me to quit.

My congratulations to the women who did the whole thing. There is a couple from Tucson, Ed and Linda, who have joined us for three days. He drived to the end point and the bikes to meet Linda and their friend Jan. When I got to the hotel Linda said that after Ed drove the route this morning, rather than biking, he turned right around and picked up Linda says she would not be happy doing this route.

Te view as we left Apache Junctions

Me at Gonzales Pass. Elevation 4600 ft.

Sights in Superior, Az

More sights from Superior.

More Sights from Superior.

The Tunnel just past Superior on the way to Globe.

Such beautiful scenery along the way.


Fe-lady said...

I am so glad you are blogging about your trip! This looks like such a blast! I will have to add it to my "to do "list one summer! Thanks so much!

Bridget said...

Great job on your rides! You have such a long way to go, so keep it fun. I love all the pics and the details of you day. -It helps me stay connected :) Miss you!