Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fort Hancock to Van Horn, TX

Today everyone got an early start for two reasons, it was a 74 mile day and we lost an hour going from Mountain Savings Time to Central Savings Time. Nancy and I were the first two to leave at 7:07. I really enjoyed today's ride. It was 73.67 miles giving me a total of 982 miles for the trip. I am almost 1/3 the way there.

Nancy is from Vermont and we had a delightful day spinning along with a nice tailwind. We had a couple of miles on I-10 at the beginning and about 9 miles on I-10 at the end. The rest of the way was either rural road or an empty frontage road. Except on the interstate we rode side by side and chatted. It was great.

Tomorrow is a 90 mile day with the first 40 miles on I-10. I have not decided if I am going to ride the whole thing or get a lift to where we get of the interstate. Either way it is almost time for dinner so must sign off. Day after tomorrow is a rest day!

The Hudspeth County Railroad Depot Museum. Unfortunately it is only open on Wednesdays but it is definately a great building. Located in Sierra Blanca it is where the Texas-Pacific and the Southern Pacific RR joined creating a second transconinental railroad.

An old car at the museum.

We are now in a new time zone.


Bridget said...

No internet and no cell phone coverage for two whole days? You must be in a time warp!! Glad the wind died down for you. I hope the riding continues to go well and that you enjoy your rest day.

Fe-lady said...

Glad you had a tail wind! You GO!

Anonymous said...

Hey, girl, where are you? It is Friday and you haven't posted in days. Hope all is well. I will be calling you on Sat. genie