Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Tomorrow San Diego

Right now I am in my daughter's living room in Redondo Beach while she and my husband play Wii tennis. I played a bit but am afraid of a Wii injury before I depart for San Diego tomorrow. The dog just walked in front of the play area and caused Greg to loose a game. He is not happy!

I have been enjoying the last day or two of just resting. I have not ridden a bicycle since Saturday. I think my body just needs a rest before I start riding on Friday. Tomorrow we drive to San Diego. There are a couple of stores Bridget and I want to visit one we are there. One carries only bicycle and tri wear. Should be fun. The other is a needlepoint shop that Bridget will tolerate.

More reports later from San Diego.


Anonymous said...

Patty, I am riding with you in spirit. It will be a beautiful trip. Be safe and enjoy. I look so forward to reading the blogs.

Hugs to all I know -


Fe-lady said...

Thinking of you! Have a great rest and visit! And "HI" to Bridget!

Hey, I started knitting! You would laugh at my projects! But I wear them! (Scarves and hats mostly)-
I bet Bridget will even take up some kind of creative endeavor once the kids are grown! :-)

Anonymous said...

Patty, we are looking forward to seeing you in Kerrville. Have a great and safe trip. I will call you a day or two before you get to TX and we can make some plans on seeing each other.

Angela said...

Have fun checking out the shops! I am sure your rest day will get you all ready for your trip. :o)