Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Safford, Az to Lordsburg, NM

That little yellow dot on the top of the distant hill is me. The photo was taken by Carol (another rider) on the trip. Shows the hills we did several days ago.

Today was a scheduled 75 mile day. My legs were just dead. I was working as hard as I could and I was just getting now where. My average speed was 10 mph. At that rate I knew I did not want to do 7 and a half hours of riding plus time for SAG stops. At the first stop, twenty miles into the ride I decided to bag it. I got a ride in the van with Linda our cook. We got to the hotel and fortunately they had a room I could have. I did a load of laundry and then have spent the rest of the day resting in bed.

Tomorrow is a 57 mile day to Silver City. I have been looking forward to it for ages. While I love the desert, I do live in the desert. I have been wanting a change of scenery. Tomorrow will give that to me. Then we have a rest day. I think that will give me the rejuvenation I need to happily continue this adventure across the country.

Proof I am in New Mexico.


Fe-lady said...

Yeah! New state! That should be motivation in itself! You have conquered two already!
Do you get massages ever on the ride?

Angela said...

I am sure today will be a better day. You have had a lot of hard days in a row. Have fun!

Bridget said...

Woo-hoo! I hope you enjoyed today's ride into Silver City. You are doing such a great job. We are all really proud of you!