Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bracketville to Camp Wood, Tx

Today was another day of Texas chip seal roads. I feel like my whole body has been put in a washing machine. Will they ever end? On the more positive side today is the last day of March. I road 48 miles today and 42 miles yesterday. That brings my trip mileage to 1,260 miles. Year to date I have done 2,497 miles on a bicycle.

The advantage of a "short day" is that you get into town early enough to look around, eat a bite of lunch, do laundry and clean your bike. My bike is now clean and ready to tackle the climbs tomorrow. There is a little quilt shop on the grounds of the hotel which of course, I could not resist. I bought a few small pieces which I will be able to send home with Greg in Kerrvile.

Courthouse building as I left Bracketville.

Goats along the way.

Same herd.

I wish that the camera could truely capture how pretty the spring leaves are in the morning light.

As Nancy rode by she noticed this sheet stuck in a fence. Her young one was near by crying for it's mom. As Nancy worked to free her several other riders stopped to help. I am happy to report Mother and child ran back to their herd after they were freed.

Dam on Nueces River

Nueces River.


Anonymous said...

Hope you got your package, too!

Doc Peachey said...

Hey Patty! Hung out with Greg after the Tucson Tri -- we missed you! Slowly but surely you are conquering Texas -- keep plugging along, Susan and I are riding along with you in spirit! Have fun in San Antonio! Sharon

Bridget said...

Did you cross that bridge?? Impressive amount of miles, you should feel very proud! I love and miss you!

stephany said...

hi patty!

stephany from kansas here...you are re-living my cross-country ride. it takes courage to face that texas wind. i remember looking down at my odometer on the way to marathon and it said "2"; i thought, "i ought to walk. it would be faster." i then understood why pioneer women went crazy going across the prairies. we also had to abort our ride in arizona because of the wind...from sanderson, i think. good luck on the rest of your ride. after texas, it's easy and warm...


Pacer Sharon said...

Hi Patty -- Love the photos and commentary. How about a photo of what you're knitting?

Sharon McNary

Fe-lady said...

Great yearly (and DAILY!) mileage!
I think I saw Greg at the tri-but he was busy talking to other people so didn't want to interrupt!

SO glad you ladies came along and freed the goat from the fence. I can't imagine what would have happened if you hadn't!

As always-thanks for sharing your journey and pictures!

Angela said...

Wow those goats sure look big. But then again I guess they do everything big in Texas. It does not look like you have internet or phone ability today, I hope tomorrow is better!