Saturday, March 28, 2009

Van Horn to Fort Davis, Tx

Today was a very tough day for me. It was a scheduled 90 mile day. I just never could get my head into the ride. It began with a 40 mile ride on I-10. After 20 miles I decided to be bumped up to the send of the interstate ride. Much to my my unhappiness I then faced a very hard cross wind that actually was moving my bicycle and me across the road. I opted to sag the rest of the way in to Ft. Davis after about 15 miles. After I saw the ladies who did the whole ride come in that evening I was glad I had chosen to sag. There were absolutely beat.

Dinner that evening was a Mexican buffet provided by the hotel. It was very good. You could tell how tired everyone was by how quiet it was in the room.

There were lots a yucca blooming along the route.

A view of my room

More views of my room


View of the valley we are in from our hotel.


Angela said...

Wow that looks like a very nice room.

Bridget said...

Wow, your room looks awesome!!