Saturday, March 07, 2009

Alpine to Jacumba, CA

OK, so today was a climbing day. When I say climbing day I mean just that. I rode 46.49 miles and climbed 4,813 feet. While those statistics may be impressive the next ones won't be. It took me 5:35:56 and I averaged only 8.3 mph. Can you say up hill with a head wind? Lois who also did the Mississippi River trip with me and last year rode the underground RR route says this may be the hardest ride she has ever done. Now keep in mind she was and hour and a half faster than me. (I am trying to put in perspective how tough today was.)

Tomorrow's ride is 67 miles but per the map elevations it is either down hill or gentle rolling to flat. I sure hope that is the case, I would really like to spin my legs outs.

So in addition to all the climbing and the head winds we rode on the Interstate for the first time.

There were some very interesting rock formations along the route. The rock formation at the top looked like a gerbil but I don't think you can tell from this camera view.

Does this mean the top and a down hill


Anonymous said...

Patty, loved the pictures - you look great! Have a wonderful time. I did this ride in 1999 and we had to bring our tents!

You will have a much more diverse scenery than the Miss. ride - it truly will be unforgettable. Am riding with you in spirit. All the best and be safe!


Fe-lady said...

I know EXACTLY where you are riding...and can't imagine it. The HILLS! THE WIND! You are amazing! (Such mind power...I would just sit at the side of the road and CRY !)
Be proud!

Angela said...

Great job! I hope tomorrow you don't have as many climbs. I like the pictures!

Anonymous said...

patty, the pictures are great. get ready for the chocolate mtns. you can't have them for a snack but they are great to look at. be prepared for the highway and watch the old farts in their huge rv's.