Saturday, March 14, 2009

Phoenix to Apache Junction

I have ridden almost 120 miles in the last two days and have basically crossed the greater Phoenix area. Woman Tours did a great job that for the most part had us on either back roads or roads with bike lanes. I was amazed. I have never thought that Phoenix was very bike friendly but the route WT had us take proved me wrong.

Today Lois and I started out looking for a Starbucks. We found on in an Albertson's grocery store and had to stand to drink ours. Little did I realize that would be the highlight of my day. While the route was pretty safe riding it was stop and go the whole way. I did not help the stop and go process when I ended up with two flat tires. They were both on my back tire and were in different place (one at the stem and the other on the other side ). Fortunately for me Mary Jo and Donna were riding with us when they happened and Mary Jo was strong enough to get the tire on and off my Zipp 303's. While I like the wheels they are IMPOSSIBLE to change. The second flat Lois and our sag driver were able to get it for me. I am really worried if I get a flat when I am alone.

Food is always a big part of our day. Here is Lois (our sous cheif) preparing a meal.

Some of the food.

More food

Women Tours laundry art work.


georgia said...

Hey Patty - Starbucks in Phoenix, yes! thank goodness for the 'big' towns. You and Lois did good.

Angela said...

The food on your trip does look very good. I am sorry about the flat tires. Hopefully you are just getting them out of the way at the beginning of the trip!

Fe-lady said...

Love the food updates and the photo of your shorts drying in the sun!