Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ft. Davis to Marathon, Tx

Today's ride was 60 miles to Marathon, TX. After having a rest day to relax and do things like charge my Garmin I just did not have my act together this morning. As I was getting ready to leave I realized my Garmin had accidentally been left on and the battery was dead. Fortunately the route was simple so I did not need to be constantly checking for mileage.

Since I forgot my camera when I went into town yesterday I stopped and took a few pictures for my collection. It took me almost to the first sag stop to catch up with anyone. I really hate for ride at the back alone for fear of a flat. I then road with a group to the town of Alpine, Tx. Some were calling it Alpine 2 since we had already been to Alpine, Ca. We stopped a delightful and very friendly coffee shop to warm up and eat.

Oh, when I said warm up I forgot to mention the most important thing. It was COLD this morning. I had on just about every piece of cold weather gear I brought. My core was warm but my toes despite two pair of socks and toe covers never really warmed up until the break.

After the break the winds came. We are in an area known for its winds. They were cold and and cross wind. I struggled and made it in and was never so happy to see a Hotel than I was to see the Gage.

Linda knew how cold and miserable we would be and made split pea soup for dinner. It sure hit the spot. We did not even have to eat outside in the wind because the leaders had a little cabin with a living room and a kitchen. It was great.

Sign as I left the state park. We are definitely getting to the South.

Deer in the bush.

Ft Davis National Historical Site. Wish I had time to visit it.

Beautiful courthouse in Ft. Davis.

We take over a restaurant in Alpine, Tx. I had a great cinnamon bun and a chai latte. Pure heaven.

A local Texan, Taylor Gray. He apparently came to Alpine when he was 15 and made his fortune in West Texas. Notice his car. Everything comes big in Texas.

A sign on the wall in the diner in Marathon. I love this old sign.

My room at the Gage Hotel in Marathon.

another view.

The courtyard outside my room at the Gage.

The porch outside my room

Flower garden at the Gage.


Angela said...

Those are some very Texas looking pictures. I like that sign also. What a lot of character.

Bridget said...

Your last few hotel certainly look better than some of the earlier motels. Glad you get to stay in some charming places too. Love the javelina pics, but are you sure those aren't from the wash in your neighborhood?