Friday, March 06, 2009

San Diego to Alpine, Ca

Today began for me as I am sure it did for most of us, with me laying in bed waiting for the alarm to go off. I really did not need the alarm as I woke every hour during the night. Once the alarm went off I quickly dress and went down the the Woman Tours trailer. The snacks for the day were already waiting for us.

Then it was time for the oatmeal. On the trip we will usually eat the breakfasts provided by the hotels. In the case such as today when there in no hotel breakfast, Linda, our chief, will prepare steel cut oatmeal and in some cases eggs as well. I feel like I am in oatmeal heaven with dried fruit, nuts and brown sugar for my oatmeal. What more could I want?

I was one of several people fortunate to have a family member or a friend there to see her off. My daughter Bridget was there for me. She did a great job not only taking pictures for me but for several other women. By the way look out our new WomanTours jersey. I love it!

Then finally it was time to do what we all came here to do, RIDE. We had a short 3 mile ride to the ocean beach where we took group photos and dipped our back wheels in the Pacific Ocean. At the end of the trip we will dip the front wheels in the Atlantic.

Here I am at the beach.

2009 Women Tours Southern Tier

Dipping my back wheel!

Once we finished with the ceremonies we finally got on our way. In addition to the 3 mile ride to the beach we rode 34 miles to the town of Alpine. Per my Garmin we climbed 2,803 ft. There is more climbing tomorrow.
This is a great bunch of ladies and I am enjoying them alot. I will tell you more about them in the days to come.


Fe-lady said...

Great updates and photos! Thanks! So far it looks as if you are having a great time!

Angela said...

Great job on your first day! I really liked the pictures. I can't wait for the next blog!

Anne C said...

So glad that your first day went well. It is so fun to have the Garmin, I am sure!!! It gives you more info than you need but on our trip only one person had one but used it as a cyclometer only! One lady had the elevation on hers and everyone drove her crazy asking the elevation at dinner each night!! Have fun and ride safe!

Doc Peachey said...

YAY! You finally started! I am so jealous -- I know you'll have a great time. Keep the pics coming!

Katie K said...

I've been waiting for your tour to start. I did it last year & relive different portions every day. What an experience!

Tracy Smith said...

Angela shared your adventure with me and I am so excited for you! I am looking forward to following along with you on your journey. You are an amazing woman! (Of course, I already knew that based on your wonderful family!) :)