Saturday, March 28, 2009

Marathon to Sanderson, Tx

We began this morning with breakfast back in the cabin where Linda and Michele are staying. It was cold outside so it was nice to be able to eat inside. I had my usual oatmeal.

Today's cue sheet was pretty simple. Left out of hotel onto US 90, left into Outback Oasis Motel in Sanderson 54 miles later. It was an awesome ride. There was not traffic, gentle rollers then a 1% downhill with a tailwind. I felt like I was flying. I averaged 17.1 mph. Nice.

Tomorrow is our longest day of the trip 110 miles. It was nice to get in early enough to get caught up on my blog and to rest. Right now and Amtrack train is rolling east past the hotel.

Wall decoration in the cabin.

More decorations.

More decorations.

Our motel in Sanderson, Tx.

On the grounds of our motel.


Fe-lady said...

Sure looks like Texas! Glad you had a wonderful ride!
I will look for Greg at the race tomorrow! :-)

Bridget said...

I cannot believe they didn't even make you run out of marathon!