Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Salome to Wickenberg, Arizona

Today began with a short four mile ride to the town of Wenden and a great coffeehouse at the end of town. It is called Ingredients and is run by a mother and daughter. It is full of very eclectic art and a great use of antiques and other items that mite be consider junk.

Check out Ingredients at

One of my favorite spots at the coffee shop was the wi-fi area.

They even had a special location to park our bikes.

A saying on the back of one of the women's jersey from an AIDS ride.

Ride mileage up date:

Blythe to Salome 60.53 in 5:05
Salome to Wickenber 55.25 in 4:04

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Doc Peachey said...

Ha1 Ha! My Mom had a typewriter like that, and never got the hang of computers. I always knew when a package was from her by the typing on the label. One state down, only how many to go?? Susan and I are riding tomorrow, we'll miss you!