Tuesday, March 10, 2009

..Rest Day Blythe, CA

Since Greg was here we got up and went to breakfast. There were already a couple of Woman Tours women down for breakfast. We chatted and ate waffles. There was a tire changeing clinic scheduled for 9:00 but as I have changed numerous flats Greg and I headed out to see the Blythe Intaglios. They are in the desert about 15 miles. Best seen from the air they were discovered by a pilot flying over the area in 1932. Greg thinks the pilot created them in 1931 and then "discovered them " a year later. I like to think they are ancient. Scientists think they are at least several hundred years old and could be as old as 1,000 years.

On our way back into town we stopped at one of the way stations where water is diverted from the Colorado to the many canels in the area.

When we got back to the hotel most of the women were in the parking lot cleaning their bikes. Greg went to the room to check email and I worked on my bike. There was a lot of sand and grit on the chain from the blowing sand at the dunes yesterday. After it was clean Greg and I took Lois S. to a mexican resturant recommend by the checkout woman at the Rite-Aide. She was correct it was great. Greg headed back to Tucson and I worked on folding the clean clothes I had washed this morning. While getting ready for tomorrows ride I discovered a screw was missing from my cleat. No problem, I brought extra screws. Wrong, it turns out the screws are to short because of the shems I now have on my cleats. I checked the WT trailer and there were not any the correct size. I ended up bicycling to the Ace in town and finding the correct size. I bought plenty so if I loose anymore on the trip I am set.

Several woment went out to dinner but because I had such a large lunch I opted for a quiet evening in my room with a salad from Albertsons.


Bridget said...

I hope you handled today's bridge okay and didn't lose anymore screws.

Anonymous said...

patty, make sure after your night in salome you stop outside of town and visit the neat off beat coffee shop on the right side of the road. the lady who owns the shop is great and the coffee is pretty good as well.i hope you had heat in salome. reba