Friday, March 20, 2009

Silver City, NM to Kingston, NM

Today was our highest climb of the trip. Depending on whose garmain you believe we climbed between 4,996 and 5,208 and descended betwenn 4,588 and 5,011 feet. This was over 47.20 miles and it took me 5:42 with an average speed of 8.3 mph.
The amazing thing for mw was I did all the climbing and then actually did the descent. For those of you who know me I am not big on descending but I did it.

This was a rock formation early on in the ride.

Some of the beautiful scenery on the climb.

I made it to Emery Pass

Emery Pass, 8,828 feet.

More beautiful scenery

Old produce labels on the kitchen door at the lodge.

The kitchen stove. They are cooking our dinner turkey in it.

Old piano at the lodge.

Great old stove at the lodge.

Marci and Donna relaxing on the porch of the lodge.

A welcome sign and package from Chris(Marni's sister) was waiting for us when we got here. There were flowers, cookies, fruit and cheese.


Anne said...

Wahoo!!! You did it! ...and the reward is the Black Range Lodge! What a place! I knew you would make that climb and have fun doing it!

Anonymous said...

Patty, your are doing great! Hang in there girl. There is sooo much more to come, so much more to explore and if you have to sag a few days, that's OK! Enjoy it all and keep going! It is worth all the work. Mary Kay (ST '08)

Angela said...

That is a lot of climbing and descending you did. I am very proud of you, that is very impressive.

Bridget said...

All down hill from here, right?? Glad your day back on the bike went well.