Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Del Rio (Amistad )to Bracketville, TX

Today's ride was a very simple straight forward ride. The que sheet said turn right on US 90 from the hotel and ride 42 to miles to Fort Clark Springs and turn right. In between we had Texas headwinds and chip seal on the roads.

We passed Laughlin Air Force Base. Beside the base the road was nice and smooth (must be federal dollars). We continue to see Border Patrol along the way. Also along the way we saw lots of those ranches where "hunters" can go shot animals that are trapped on the ranches. (Think former VP Chaney)

The high light of the day was our destination. Fort Clark is an old army post that was active until after WWII. The government sold it to developers and they are doing a decent job trying to respect the history.

As we beat the trailer in that carries our bags, Lois S and I road back into town and had Magician food.

Riderless horse at entrance to Fort Clark honoring fallen soldiers.

Building housing my room

More old barracks that are now rooms

Old building waiting to be restored.

Sign over the creek into the fort.

The spring fed creek.

my makeshift laundry line (a trash can)

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