Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Brawley to Blythe

Today's ride made up for the tough rides we have had the last two days. The ride was 89 miles. The second day it took me 5:35 to go 46.5 miles, the third day took 4:54 to go 66.7 miles and then today's ride took 5:55 to go 89.5 miles. Shows you what flats, some minor rollers and a tailwind will do for you.

Along the way we saw water ways, such as the one to the left, sand dunes and the beautiful chocolate mountains. The Chocolate Mountains contain a naval reservation aerial gunnery range. Jan B was our SAG driver for the day and parked at the entrance to the range. Had to be careful which bush you went behind to do your business!

The desert is infull bloom these days and this is just one of the many flowers we saw along the way.

It was very interesting to see the sand dunes along the way. This is a view of the dunes with the Chocolate Mountains in the back ground. On our left side was the North Algodones Dunes Wilderness Area; On the right was an area where ATV's were allowed to rome. On the wilderness side there was all sort of vegatation; on the ATV side NOTHING. It really gives you an idea how cruel we can be to our planet.

Because it was such a long ride and there was no place to buy lunch Linda, our cook, set up a wonderful lunch on top of a pull out about mile 40. Even though it was still pretty early we all ate as though we had not eaten in days.

Stopped at a little store in the town of Ripley to refill water bottles and to follow one of our trip mottos, "never pass up a flush toilet."

Blythe was special for me because Greg was able to join me for the evening. He had been in a confernce in Palm Desert that finished earlier in the day. Since Blythe is on the way home he stopped for the evening. He joined our group for dinner at the world famous Sizzler in Blythe.

When I got to the hotel my cell phone started to ring. I did not recognize the number but answered it anyway. The woman identified herself as my oldest granddaughters' scout leader. She went on to tell me the school district had cancelled after school events and the would be no Girls Scouts today. I had to laugh and tell her she had the wrong grandmotherthat I was not the one watching the girls while their mom and dad were in the British Virgin Islands. Told her how to get in touch with that grandmother and said if she had trouble to call me back. Never heard from her!

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Angela said...

Thanks for passing on the info. She did get a hold of the other grandma. It is so weird that they got snow again!