Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Tuesday, May 8, 2007 THE TRIP

I am sitting at the Dallas-Ft. Worth airport waiting for my connecting flight to New Orleans. I did not sleep well last night. I am sure it was a combination of so many different emotions, sadness, excitement, fear and who knows what else.

Last night I went to visit my mother and we said our good-byes. It was very hard on both of us knowing that she may not be there when I return in six weeks. I have never thought of my mother as a strong person but last night she was so strong and brave. She told me that she really wanted me to take this trip and how proud she was of me. We shared some very special moments yesterday that I will carry with me the rest of my life.

I am both excited and a little afraid of what lies ahead as far as the bike trip. There will be new friends to make and new sights to see. I know my training is fine and the daily mileage should not be a problem. I know I need to keep reminding myself to take each day one day at a time. After all I know I can do all the mileage because I have done108 miles at one time (El Tour de Tucson in November) and the longest day we have is 99 miles. I think the fear comes from the unknown. After all being the control freak I am I tend to have all my vacations planned to the second and this trip will not be that way.

I arrived safely in New Orleans and had little trouble getting the bike, my luggage and myself to my hotel. I arrived just as my roommate for the next couple of days arrived and we were able to check in together.

I took a quick shower and waited for Dusty to arrived. The two of us planned a very fancy dinner at Commander's Palace. She arrived in plenty of time. We were planning on taking the St. Charles street car to the Garden District but to my disappointment we discovered that it is not up and running yet. We took taxis both ways. After a very relaxing dinner of turtle soup and pecan crust fish on a bed of crab meat I went back to the room and had the best sleep I have had in ages.

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UANAC said...

Sounds like yesterday was a good day all in all. You were pretty hyped on Monday evening and I look forward to reading accounts of this journey. We've 'shared' many of them through the years, including that visit to N.O., so have a chewy praline and a beignet for me!