Friday, May 11, 2007

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Today began with five of us going to Brennan’s for breakfast. We had a wonderful time laughing, talking and generally getting to know each other. Greg called me while we were at breakfast and wanted to know if I had done anything besides eat since I have been in New Orleans. The answer was “No, not really!” He said I better hurry up and start riding or I would gain so much weight that I could not ride!

Here is a picture of the breakfast group.

Preparation of our bananas foster:

and the finished product

After breakfast we all walked back to the hotel in time to meet other ladies arriving. I also was able to use a floor pump to pump my tires. Now I know why I like CO2 cartridges. I had been using my little pump to hand pump the tire and after lots of work I had the tire only pumped to 40 lbs. For those of you who do not bicycle I need 100-110 pounds of pressure in my tire. That was a lot of work for very little progress.

Several off us then rode our bicycles to the local bike shop. I could not resist and bought a New Orleans bicycle jersey. I think it is very special. I also bought a t-shirt from the local bike shop.

Our informational meeting began at 2:00 and lasted until 4:00 at which time the SAG drivers had their meeting. Everyone did the basic introduction of herself including a little of her bike tour experience and where she called home. I think everyone is very excited to get started riding tomorrow.
Our leaders Michele and Laurie.

Tonight we have a send off dinner at Ralph and Kacoo's restaurant in the French Quarter.

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