Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I woke up around 7:15 and went downstairs to the lobby with my roommate where we met other women on the trip. There was a Starbuck's around the corner so we picked up coffee and chatted back in the lobby with other women as they cam downstairs. It is a lot of fun putting faces with the names I have known for so long. Some of the ladies went to the bike shop where they had their bikes shipped but Dusty and I decided to walk through the Quarter.

After a stroll through the French Quarter we stopped for lunch at Felix's Oyster Bar. This is a place I remember coming to with my Dad and Mother years ago. I don't think the place has changed in over 40 years (of course, 40 years ago I was just a baby)!

My first bite of my oyster po-boy.

After we ate lunch Dusty and I went back to the hotel where we met several other women who were headed over to the bike shop where they had had their bikes shipped. Dusty needed a small adjustment to her bike and I wanted to pick up some co2 cartridges so we joined them. Along the way we passed Cafe du Monde and could not resist the biegnets.

We finally made it to the bicycle shop. Michael's is a very tiny shop on the edge of the French Quarter. About eight of us from WomanTours crowded into it. Some were there to pick up their bikes, other for minor adjustment and me for co2 cartridges.

On the way back from Michael's Bicycles we passed this t-shirt in a store window. It says a lot about New Orleans today.

I finished up my day of eating my way through New Orleans with another oyster po-boy with nine other women from WomanTours. This time we went to the Acme Oyster House across the street from Felix's.
Tomorrow the first official meeting of the tour.

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triathleteb said...

Yum! It sounds like you are having a delicious trip. I love the pics. Enjoy tomorrow's meeting!