Wednesday, May 30, 2007

May 30, 2007 Hannibal, MO

Today was not a good riding day for me. I only rode 8.66 miles. I felt very sluggish and just could not get moving. The day started off in a flat area but I just could not get my legs going correctly. It was raining and cold for a girl from Arizona. I decided to sag. I flagged down the SAG as it went by to discover two other women were already in. Buy mile twenty miles there were five people that wanted to sag and the sag wagon only holds 4 plus the driver. We then flagged down the van and four of us transferred to it. At mile 30 we had a full holds 14 people. The day was rainy and the road was bad. Lots of traffic and no shoulder. I think we ended up with less than half of the people completing the ride.
Our van stopped in front of The Bent Tree Gallery in Clarksville, Missouri on our way to Hannibal. I was able to do some quick shopping. In the window was a beautiful handmade basket. I fell in love with it and went in and bought it. They are shipping it home to Tucson.

Once our van load of people were dropped off at our hotel everyone rushed to her room to take a hot shower and to change into dry clothes. We went to a nearby restaurant to grab a quick lunch. Then 9 of us piled into a mini van taxi and went to the Mark Twain House in Hannibal.

You know me. I can find a yarn shop anywhere..even one called Twain's Yarn in Hannibal.

Finally Jenna was walking around Hannibal in her biking shorts and a bicyclist asked her if she was Patty. Apparently Barry has been following this blog. Jenna went and found me and here is a picture of the two of us.


UANAC said...

It sounds like today was a good day to sag! You're doing an awesome 'job' on this ride - AND the blog. Enjoy!

triathleteb said...

You didn't mention what you bought at the yarn shop... I guess you are waiting to 'suprise' Dad? Glad you had time to enjoy Hannibal. That's pretty cool you had a groupie!