Tuesday, May 15, 2007

May 14, 2007

I DID IT. I completed back to back 85 mile rides. I was really surprised today because I was actually more comfortable today than yesterday. We were told to it was going to be a very hot day today so all tried to get an early start. Several of us were on the road by 6:15. It was a beautiful morning but heated up quickly. We found an open gas station with a small market around mile 25 and I bought a bottle of Power Aide and a Red Bull. We had a pretty good group of about five of us who made it to the Sag stop around mile 35. It was really hot so I said I was going to get going slowly and everyone could catch up with me. Shortly after I left the van pulled up beside me and said lunch would be around mile 55-60. I got to the lunch stop and drank a quick glass of OJ and made a sandwich and got some chips. I put the sandwich and chips in baggies and took off. The lunch stop was in a spot with no shade and lots of bugs. I figured that it would be easier to eat on the bike than fight the bugs. I was correct.
The route was very rural. Lots of sugar cane fields and something else but I am not sure what. I did see one swamp:

I also had one more tall bridge to cross. I actually did this by myself because no one was riding with me at that time.

We are staying at a wonderful B&B called Briar Plantation. Jefferson Davis married his second wife here.

I even had a building all to myself. It was the original building.

The ceiling in my bedroom has some of the timber from the barges the river men used to float down the Mississippi from Ohio. Once here they dismantled the barges, sold the wood and walked the Natchez Trace back home.

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