Friday, May 11, 2007

May 11, 2007 ----We Ride

Yesterday the four of us who bought our NOLA bicycle jerseys decided to wear them for our first day of riding so here we are, Jan, Dusty, me and Linda.

After an adventure similar to trying to herd cats we got the whole group together for pictures. There were two husbands and one of the leaders who were given twenty five cameras with which to try to take pictures of all of us. I think they did a pretty good job,don't you?

Finally our boat arrived and we were off on a short one hour ride up the river to our starting point. I was really happy to get off the boat and onto my bicycle and actually start riding. According to my trusty Garmin I went 36.33 miles at an average pace of 14.4. I really like riding on flat land. It was very easy and comfortable.

Along the way the highlight was the Detrehan Plantation. A national historic landmark, Destrehan was established in 1787 and remains the oldest documented plantation home in the lower Mississippi Valley. I did not stop because tomorrow I plan on tour two others.
Finally it was to our hotel for the night and a wonderful dinner of spaghetti, salad and asparagus.

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triathleteb said...

You are doing so well! We are all very proud of you. Happy Mother's Day, we miss you but are happy you are doing something you love.