Thursday, May 17, 2007

May 17, 2007 Vicksburg, MS

Mornings begin with everyone preparing their snacks for the road that day. There are raisins, craisins, nuts, M&M's and various bars. There is also bread, peanut butter, jams and honey. I also prepare a couple of water bottles full of Gateraide.

I did not get a picture of myself at the Welcome side when I first crossed into Mississippi because I was riding alone but fortunately was able to get one as we left our Inn for Vicksburg from Natchez.

Here I am at the start of the Trace.

Edith and I passed this Red-eared Slider walking down the middle of the Trace. Edith rescued it and moved it to the side of the road. Red-eared Sliders (Trachemys [Chrysemys] scripta; T. s. elegans,) are found throughout the United States east of the Rockies. They are the sliders is the one most often sold in pet stores here in the U.S. and abroad. These fresh water turtles spend much of their time in the warm waters of their native habitat. While they are strong underwater swimmers, these sliders spend much of the warmer hours of the day hauled out on logs or rocks (or, when very small, on marsh weeds and other aquatic plants) basking in the sun. All of the sliders are omnivores, eating both animal protein and vegetable/plant matter. Younger turtles need up to 40% of their food from protein sources; adult turtles feed more heavily on vegetation. In the wild they begin by eating tiny fish and amphibian larva, water snails and a variety of plants growing in the water and on land.

County store just off the Trace.

Today everyone had the option of taking a short ride through the Vicksburg battlefield or going into town. Most people chose the later in preparation for our long ride of 107 miles tomorrow. I had ridden through the battlefield with Greg a few years ago when we were on a Backroads trip and opted to go into town.
Here is the River Boat Casino in Vicksburg.
The Yazoo and Mississippi River Valley RR Station in Natchez.

While in Vicksburg we went to a resturant called Rusty's and I had fried green tomatoes and broiled oysters. Yum!

Since tomorrow is the longest day of the trip I am going to publish this and get some rest. Send me good riding vibes tomorrow.

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triathleteb said...

I had no idea you knew so much about red eared sliders, I am impressed ;) Great pics and awesome ride reports!