Tuesday, May 22, 2007

May 22, 2007 Covington, Tn

I never though I would call a 62 mile day would feel short but today felt just that. The morning began as usual with Michelle loading bikes onto the van of people who would SAG part of the way.

Then the local NBC TV station can by to film us. Not sure we will make it on tv but I am checking their website and will let you know if they post anything.

Marsh land outside of Memphis.

The first stop of the day was the Shelby Forest General Store.

There was a group of men sitting on the porch who called themselves the Wrinkled Rooster Club. Their sign says "Meetin every mornin Sunrize..until the hens call us home" They were really friendly and were amazed with us.

Me in front of the breakfast group. (Note: Edith is sitting with the men.)

The rest of the ride went very well. There were lots of rolling hills but they were nice. You could get up enough speed on the down hill that you did not have to work very hard on the up hill. I got to the hotel and the room was ready. I worked on the previous posts and rested. Dinner was great tonight, salmon, salad, lentils and grains. I love when Woman Tours cooks because it is so healthy.

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