Tuesday, May 15, 2007

May 13, 2007

Today was our first super long day. We had 85 miles. While the riding was not difficult the heat really got to most of us. My little group today consisted of Jenna, Edith and Anne. We did really well for the first 50 miles but then the heat started getting to us. We stopped both times we saw the Sag and I also bought a Red Bull at a gas station around mile 50. Unfortunately the route did not have many places open on a Sunday and we all ran out of water. Anne started saying she was feeling chilled so we stopped in a church yard and sat in the shade of a tree till we cooled off. Finally the van caught up with us and we were able to fill our water bottles and get some salt. Edith and Anne were lingering so Jenna and I took off. I will admit I had her do most of the pulling the last 18 miles (after all she is 27 years younger than I). Jenna kept going with the promise of ice cream when we arrived at New Roads. We found a Dairy Queen and got ice cream. While I know DQ does not make the world’s greatest ice you could not have convinced us that today.

We did little stopping today because we were women on a mission but I do have a couple of photos for you.
World's Smallest Church.

Plantation along River Road
Tomorrow is another 85 mile day so I am heading off to bed.

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