Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sunday, June 10, 2007 Red Wing, MN

Total mileage as of today, 1,476..approximately 328 miles to go. Today was a short 32 mile day. I was able to sleep in till almost 7:00 despite the fact the alarm clock in my room went off at 4:15. Everyone was moving rather slowly knowing that it was such a short day.

Last night at the map meeting one of the women said that according to the Woman Tours website today was supposed to be really hilly. We all figured that 32 miles with hills could not be to bad. We were correct and the website was wrong. There were some hills but they were mainly rollers that you could get up enough steam on the downhill to make it up most of the way. I road most of the way by myself enjoying the wonderful views of the Mississippi. The area around Lake Pepin was particularly beautiful.

I passed through Lake City, Mn

I took this picture along the way since I never saw a welcome to Minnesota sign. I still cannot believe that I have bicycled from New Orleans to Minnesota.

When I arrived in Red Wing I passed a Caraboo Coffee shop so I stopped and joined a couple of other women and had a frozen mocha. It is really surprising what tastes good at the end of a bike ride on a warm day.

Because it was such a short ride I arrived way to early to get my room. I wondered over to the Red Wing Pottery Store. I only had my biking sunglasses so it was difficult to do much shopping. Finally at noon the bike shop next door opened. I took my bike in to get the cables adjusted. After almost 1,500 miles the cables had stretched and shifting was not going smoothly and braking took all my strength. When I got back to the hotel my room was ready. I relax and did laundry.
Later in the afternoon I went with some of the other women to the Red Wing Pottery Store.
Tomorrow is a short ride (48 miles) but THREE bridges. Trying to figure out what to do. Will let you know tomorrow.

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