Wednesday, June 06, 2007

June 6, 2007 Prairie du Chien, Wi

Today was a very mixed bag of riding. There were a couple of long steep up hills and long steep down hills. I actually prefer the up hills to the down hills. I just don't like to get going super fast on roads I am unfamiliar. We rode through towns with names like New Vienna, Luxemburg, Guttenburg and McGregor. Not sure what that says about the people that settled this area. Here is a view from the river park area of Guttenburg toward the locks.

This picture was taken of me at our first Sag stop of the day. It was at a scenic overlook of the Mississippi. We have been away from it for a while and it sure is nice to see it again. Of course, that means bridges. That is our little SAG wagon affectionately called Bo Peep. (We are her lost sheep)

After some pretty challenging and long up hills (my Gramin said that at some points they were 12% grades) I made it to the town of McGreger. It was a darling little town that I think is doing a pretty good job of attempting to survive. I spotted two bikes parked in front of the Twisted Chicken. I knew our hotel would not have our rooms ready so early so I decided to join Carol and Joanne. Within minutes the rains came. They were soon followed by just about all the rest of the riders still out on the road. The Twisted Chicken had a wonderful menu. I had the spinach and mushroom soup and a portabello mushroom sandwich on pita bread. It was wonderful. Of course, no bicycling lunch is complete without dessert.

As most were finishing there lunch the Anne, the Sag driver for the day came in to report on the last three miles of the ride. All I needed to hear was that there were two long bridges to cross with very narrow shoulders. I sagged the last three miles. Total for the short day was 43 miles.

We stayed at a very nice AmericInn in Prairie du Chien. They were wonderful to us allowing us to use their meeting room to eat our dinner. It was nice to eat at a table rather than holding our
plates in our laps while sitting in a motel parking lot.

Our map meeting warned up potential severe storms so everyone planned on and early start.

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