Tuesday, June 12, 2007

June 12, 2007 Cambridge, MN

Yesterday, the group rode to Stillwater, MN. Notice I said the group and not "I rode to Stillwater." Yesterday morning I woke up with a very violent intestinal problem. I had to SAG to Stillwater. I arrived at 11:00am and fortunately they had a room ready to assign me. I went to bed right away. My roommate was one of the SAG drivers and she went and brought me some chicken broth and crackers. I tried eating the soup but I just could not so all through the night when I woke up I would eat one Saltine. All I was able to eat for over 24 hours was Saltines. I got up at 6:45 this morning and was too weak to be able to ride. So sadly I had to SAG another day.

Because the SAG stopped six miles outside of town to help one of riders with a flat we arrived in town about the time several of the riders were coming in. My roommate for the evening and two other riders were going to bike the .75 miles into town for lunch. I changed into riding gear and did a whole mile and a half today. We went to a small local cafe and I had some homemade chicken and dumpling soup. It really helped.

Tomorrow we ride to Little Falls, the boyhood home of the aviator Charles Lindberg. It is a 77 mile day. I plan to take it real easy and do the whole thing. Tomorrow is 77 miles then we have a rest day in Little Falls. I figure the rest day will give me more time to recover from the intestinal problems. After that we only have two days of riding, Pine River 65 miles and Lake Itasca 87 miles. I really want to be able to ride the final three days. With this touchy stomach the best way to do it will be to take it very easy.

I still cannot believe that the trip is almost over. Assuming that I complete the last three days I will have ridden over 1,700 miles since I left New Orleans. Not to shabby if I do say so myself.

Tomorrow I will have pictures to post. Ridding in the SAG does not give one much of an opportunity to take pictures. Little Falls is susposed to be a nice little town so will post pictures from there and from the ride.


triathleteb said...

We are all so sorry to hear you got sick. I hope your tummy cooperates tomorrow and you are able to ride (more than 2 miles!) We are so very proud of you for this journey and cannot wait to see you soon!

B & her 3 boys :)

Angela said...

Do you get to see Lindberg's home?