Thursday, June 14, 2007

June 13-14, 2007 Little Falls, MN

We are in Little Falls, MN, does than mean that Frostbite Falls is close?

We are having a rest day before our final two days of riding. Yesterday was a very interesting day for me. I started out leaving the hotel with most of the other riders when about a half a mile away I realized that I had forgotten my cycling gloves. Since it was a 77 mile day I did not want to ride without then. I turned back to the hotel and dug my suit case out of the trailer and got my gloves. I started out again but everyone was well ahead and I could no longer see them. About three fourths a mile down I hear two of the women calling me from behind. I had turned right when I should have turned left. (Thank you Linda and Barbara)

I rode a pretty good distance by myself when I hooked up with Anne. We got to a point on the cue sheet that had us turn left. Unfortunately, there were large barriers with signs saying road closed. We could see workmen down at the bottom of the hill working on a bridget. We rode down hoping they would let us carry our bikes over the constuction area. Turns out there was nothing to go over because they had torn down the old bridge and hand not started on building a new one. The workmen were helpful in giving us directions to detour that would get us back on route. Bicycling is always and adventure.

I really felt strong since I had rested the two previous days because of the intestinal problem. As Anne and rode together it soon became apparent that the day was going to be closer to 86 and 77 miles. At mile 80 my ride unraveled. Anne said that she noticed that my riding was slowing seriously and she said my breathing started sounding labored. She suggested I stop and take my inhailor. Turns out that was a very good idea just as I got off the bike my legs went weak under me. I was able to stil my bike down just as I crumpled in a heap on the side of the road. I was so fortunate to have Anne with me. Anne is the only MD on the whole trip. She had one electrolite pill left in her bag and gave it to me. She also had me eat a power bar and a Gu packet. She had me drink lots of water and stayed with me until the SAG arrived to drive me in the final 6 miles. I was pretty sad that I was unable to complete the ride but I think the whole intestinal problem "drained" me so to speak. Once we got to the hotel Stephanie, Georgia and Anne got me, my bike and luggage to the room. I was starting to fell better and wanted to take a shower. Clark sat in my room while I showered to make sure everything was OK. Then I lay ed down and rested. All the women on this trip have been so supportive and helpful. I cannot tell you how great they have taken care of each other. I went down for dinner last night and had a good rest.

This morning I felt fine. I had breakfast at the hotel and did my usual rest day routine, laundry. Then I walked over to Wal-Mart and bought some Powerade. I have enough for the two remaining rides plus I drank two 32 oz bottles today. Tomorrow we have 65 miles and the second half is on a bike trail so it should be relatively easy. I really need to ride the two last days.

When I got back several women were planning on taking a taxi to the Charles Lindbergh's boyhood home museum. I joined them and was so glad that I did. There was a wonderful exhibit on the Spirit of St. Louis.

Greg notice the book written by Charles A. Lindbergh, SR

A cool looking heater in the house.

The 1916 Saxon Six that 14 year old Charles A. Lindbergh, Jr. drove from Little Falls, Mn to Redondo Beach, CA. Charles did all the driving. His Mother rode with him.

This evening most of us went to a wonderful restaurant call the Black and White. Who would have believed that Little Falls, Mn would have a restaurant run by two Cordon Bleu trained chiefs? It was wonderful. I had almond crusted Walleye with a balsamic reduction, mango risotto and asparagus.

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Fe-lady said...

Hi Patti!
First let me tell you how nice it was to finally meet you and Greg and Bridget! I feel like I know you guys much better now! Your posts and pictures about your trip are fascinating! It sounds as if you had a wonderful time and made some great memories and life-long friends in the process!
I love the drawings your grandsons sent you of you on your bike with the Mississippi! Too cute!
Hopefully we can all meet up again soon somewhere!
Cheryl Palen